About Us

We’re proud to be providing a ‘one-of-a-kind’ mobile health monitoring service for NZ.

Many of the companies we work with have similar needs to yours. For instance, they’ve recognised that they need to monitor the health of their workers but want to do so in a way that minimises ‘downtime’.

What is Peoplecare?

Using our purpose-built mobile clinic and trained technicians, Peoplecare offers a convenient and affordable on-site workplace health monitoring service and because consultations are usually about 35minutes, there is minimal productivity impact or disruption to business.

Peoplecare provides all the equipment and a summary report outlining any recommendations or referrals for further treatment. All data records are stored securely in line with regulatory requirements.

Some of our core values are:


Focus on providing exceptional service and professional assessments.


Provide the best convenient and affordable on-site health monitoring service in New Zealand


Using technology so that we provide the most precise results for the employee and their employer.


Honesty, reliability and commitment.

Who’s behind Peoplecare?

Ian launched Peoplecare in 2019, which was initially based on a concept operating in the United Kingdom (UK). Ian established a successful operation from which he has developed, and enhanced, the Peoplecare system for the New Zealand market.

Our purpose-built mobile clinic and trained technicians and Occupational Health Nurse provide, at our client’s workplace sites, clinical health care monitoring services for employee’s hearing, lung function, vision, blood pressure, HAVS and respirator fit testing on a recurring basis.

The traditional New Zealand model for delivering these services makes it inefficient for SMEs and other businesses to implement. Ian has a background as a Paramedic and believes that all the people should have access to health facilities. This belief was motivation enough to create the Peoplecare system to enable those businesses to ensure the workplace health of their most important parts of the business; it’s people.